Increase driver safety, lower your operating costs and reduce fraudulent insurance claims with OKORIS fleet management and vehicle CCTV solutions.

Our camera solutions cater for vehicle fleets of all shapes and sizes, and provide easy-to-use systems which let you monitor and guide your fleet in real time with AI-assisted technology.

OKORIS are your eyes on the road, letting you:

  • Provide video evidence for insurance claims
  • Track your vehicle fleet in real time with a GPS solution
  • Monitor your drivers and improve their safety and driving habits
  • Analyse your fleet’s performance

Live fleet monitoring

Our integrated video telematics solutions allow you to easily access video livestreams from any vehicle in your fleet, letting managers quickly make informed critical decisions.

We also provide GPS solutions which let you track every vehicle in your fleet in real time on an interactive map, providing a detailed overview of your fleet and allowing you to see what the vehicles are seeing.

Protect your fleet with video playback and evidence

Our video telematics solutions automatically provide you with visual evidence of any on-road incidents such as collisions, near misses or failed deliveries which may result in insurance claims.

Our central cloud location creates long data redundancy to ensure that detailed evidence is there when you need it, and our automatic notification system means that designated users will receive live updates about any incident with video evidence included.

User-friendly Management Platform

OKORIS SMART is the award-winning platform behind our industry-leading hardware, synchronising the many moving parts of our video telematics solutions into one easy-to-use platform.

 Available on all platforms for ease of access, SMART offers full API integration to ensure that it syncs with your systems, and monitoring enhancements which create greater control and automation in safeguarding your fleet.

Reduce costs

The real time fleet data provided by OKORIS lets you direct your vehicle fleet more efficiently, helping your bottom line by saving money on fuel and labour costs as well as ensuring successful deliveries and avoiding fraudulent insurance claims.


OKORIS packages cater for a range of fleet types, allowing you to streamline your operations and increase productivity.


Your truck fleet. Your way.

Whether you’re managing a freight fleet or crane truck fleet, OKORIS Truck is an integrated camera solution which makes responsive fleet management straightforward, allowing you to monitor and direct your fleet in real time.



Protecting drivers and passengers

OKORIS Bus is the perfect CCTV solution for managing bus and coach fleets, ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers as well as letting you monitor driver behaviour in real time and provide video evidence of any on-road incidents.



A clearer perspective

With OKORIS Car, managing a car or courier fleet has never been easier. Our CCTV solution provides you with clear video evidence of any on-road incidents, helping avoid bogus insurance claims and ensure that your cars are being driven safely at all times.



Designed to deliver

Our OKORIS Van package contains a camera setup designed to make managing your van fleet straightforward, providing features which guarantee ease of delivery, allow you to monitor cargo and reduce operating costs such as fuel and fleet maintenance.



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