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Hear what our clients have to say about
working with OKORIS

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About Working With OKORIS

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How OKORIS Truck helped CNC Cartage thrive

CNC Cartage are a family-run crane truck business who have been transporting timber and building products since 1998.

The problems

CNC Cartage’s Managing Director Chad Brown says that “Before working with OKORIS we had a lot of problems with people making bogus insurance claims, mainly people claiming that our drivers had damaged sites when in fact they hadn’t. Because we didn’t have solid evidence about the incidents which has occured, we often had to pay.”

“We also had some issues with operators not doing things in accordance with OHS policies, and it was hard to hold people accountable to form safer driving habits without us knowing exactly what they were doing.”

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OKORIS’ solution

OKORIS provided CNC Cartage with an OKORIS Truck package including a multi-cam CCTV setup as well as the ability to remotely track the entire CNC fleet in real time and monitor driver behaviour.

“OKORIS’ cameras mean that we now have video evidence every time something happens on the road or while someone is delivering, meaning that we can easily prove when someone is trying to make a false claim. Since implementing OKORIS Truck we’ve reduced the amount of insurance claims against us by 70%, since we can easily prove what really happened every time. This has had a great impact on our bottom line.”

The ability to quickly access live video feeds from their trucks also means that CNC’s managers have the ability to make quick decisions regarding events that are unfolding in real time, including telling drivers what to do on-site.

“We can now make on-the-fly decisions, as well as make sure that our drivers are driving safely at all times and we avoid any OHS concerns. We can also use the live videos to demonstrate to our customers that their load is safe at all times. OKORIS has made my life as a fleet manager easier, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough to anyone managing vehicle fleets.”